Thu. Apr 18th, 2024
Інвестор NAVI Мак Кріппа купує БЦ ПарусІнвестор NAVI Мак Кріппа купує БЦ Парус

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has approved the acquisition of the Parus business center by Maxim Krippa through Ola Fine LLC, a company controlled by ARS Capital.

Experts believe that this permit may reflect trends in business development and the investment climate in Ukraine, which in turn may affect foreign investors’ opinions of the country.

According to the AMCU’s press service, Parus Holding’s owner, businessman Vadym Stolar, who owned 80% of the shares through the Genesis fund, and his ex-wife, Inna Maistruk, who owned 20% through the Stream Investment fund, agreed to the deal.

“Parus Holding” controls Advanced Technologies Plus LLC, the owner of the Parus shopping and office center in Kyiv.

Between 2005 and 2008, the Parus skyscraper was considered the tallest in all of Ukraine, and even now this business center remains modern and attractive to corporate tenants. They pay special attention to the building’s characteristics.

The height of the business center is 133.1 meters, and together with the antenna – 149.5 meters. There are 33 floors in this building. The floors in the office space can withstand a load of up to 250 kg/m². The business center has two conference halls for 40 and 100 delegates, respectively.

There is a dining room on the second floor, and restaurants on the fourth and thirty-first floors. The ceiling height is 3.10 meters. The total usable floor area is 75,000 m², and the building has a gross floor area of 300,676 m³.

A typical office floor has an approximate area of 1,168 m². In addition, the location of this business center is very convenient: it takes just 3 minutes to get to the nearest Klovska metro station, and 4 minutes to get to the Palace of Sports.

Who is Maksym Krippa?

Maksym Krippa, a well-known Ukrainian entrepreneur, has gained fame for his successful investments in various industries, including the NAVI esports team and GSC Game World.

In addition, Mr. Krippa is a major investor and owner of a number of IT companies, esports organizations, real estate and software development firms, including NAVI, Maincast and others.

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